Forestry education programmes are provided by trained professionals from different forestry divisions of Vojenské lesy a statky ČR, s. p. Therefore, agreed events take place mostly in the areas administered by VLS, which overwhelmingly represent exceptional natural units – each of them is unique in its plant and animal potential. Four of them can be found in Czech regions and two in Moravia.

The forestry education programmes organized by VLS are based on a uniform basic concept, but the services offered by different divisions take into account specific conditions and possibilities. The services offered can be found in the invitation flyer that is available for download at the contact section of VLS divisional forestry educators


Central Bohemia – Brdy Mountains
Forestry education of the Hořovice division
Mgr. Renáta Lukášová
Slavíkova 106
262 23 Jince
Telephone: +420 731 137 618

North Bohemia – Ralsko
Forestry education of the Mimoň division
Eva Zikmundová
Nádražní 115
471 24 Mimoň
Telephone: +420 487 805 630
Mobile: +420 739 484 239

West Bohemia – Karlovy Vary region
Forestry education of the Karlovy Vary division
Ing. Jana Hynková
Mattoniho nábřeží 203/130
360 06 Karlovy Vary
Telephone: +420 731 137 686

South Bohemia – Šumava
Forestry education of the Horní Planá division
Jiří Flíček
Jiráskova 150
382 26 Horní Planá
Telephone: +420 739 485 217


Central Moravia – Olomouc region (Oder Hills)
Forestry education of the Lipník nad Bečvou division
Bc. Romana Klevarová
Na Zelince 1147
751 31 Lipník nad Bečvou
Telephone: +420 739 485 201

South Moravia – Vyškov, Prostějov (Drahany Highlands)
Forestry education of the Plumlov division
Jiří Fusek
Lesnická 463
798 03 Plumlov
Telephone: +420 737 226 540