Basic information

The need to form the public attitude towards the woods and forestry, foresters and their work has led to the conception of a discipline, which is now known as forest pedagogy. In Vojenské lesy a statky ČR (VLS ČR), there is a professional team of forest pedagogues, who organise dozens of events for thousands of children each year. Forest pedagogues can be found in all VLS forestry divisions.

What is forest pedagogy?

• arranging an encounter between a human and nature via an erudite forester, who is in direct contact with nature and the woods
• getting to know nature in the form of experience pedagogy and games in the woods
• the simplest way for foresters to describe the woods and forestry to the public

For whom is forest pedagogy meant?

• all ages, but especially for children and youth

What are the goals of forest pedagogy?

• to deepen public interest in forests, nature and wood as a renewable raw material
• to improve human attitude toward the forest and forestry
• to explain the role of a forester and gamekeeper within sustainable forestry
• to support an active approach toward environmental protection
• to introduce options of active use of leisure time to the public