VLS products

Raw wood, timber and other wooden goods

Raw wood is placed on the market mainly via attendance and electronic timber auctions. The range of goods offered by VLS can be found by customers on „VARS“, the electronic auction portal of the partner state-owned forestry company Lesy České republiky, s.p. and on electronic auction portal of WOODPROJECT „aukcedreva.com“.

We guarantee even and smooth supplies during a contractual term as well as the quality of produced goods.

All forest farming units of individual divisions hold PEFC and CoC certificates – the system of wood consumer chain verification. In the area of the production of cut timber, the divisions hold the Timber Certificate.

Ing. Petr Pradáč
tel.: +420 220 405 270
e-mail: petr.pradac@vls.cz

Planting stock

The Tree Nursery Administration produces about 9 million young trees per year, 7 million seedlings being bare-rooted and 2 million seedlings being containerised. The latter are planted primarily by the modern “air cushion” technology.

Ing. Pavel Draštík
Telephone: +420 326 972 136
Email: pavel.drastik@vls.cz


Game management is the most important part of the hunting economy in VLS. Game is distributed throughout the country and abroad via our own as well as contractual game plants.

Ing. Jaroslav Růžička
Telephone: +420 220 405 283
Email: jaroslav.ruzicka@vls.cz

Feeder cattle and slaughter cattle:

The agricultural division of Vojenské lesy a statky offers the sale of feeder cattle (calves) and slaughter cattle.

Ing. Jitka Trlicová
Telephone.: +420 220 405 137
Email: jitka.trlicova@vls.cz

Possibility of buying wood