Contact details

VLS forest pedagogues work in all our forestry divisions. Contact details sorted by individual regions can be found here.

Main contact:

Mgr. Jan Kobr
Head of forestry educators VLS ČR, s. p.
Telephone: + 420 725 917 817
Email: jan.kobr (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Contact details by individual regions:

Division Horní Planá
Forestry educator: Jiří Flíček
Telephone: +420 739 485 217
Email: jiri.flicek2 (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Division Hořovice
Forestry educator: Mgr. Renáta Lukášová
Telephone: +420 731 137 618
Email: renata.lukasova (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Division Karlovy Vary
Forestry educator: Ing. Jana Hynková
Telephone: +420 731 137 686
Email: jana.hynkova (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Division Lipník nad Bečvou
Forestry educator: Bc. Romana Klevarová
Telephone: +420 739 485 201
Email: romana.klevarova (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Division Mimoň
Eva Zikmundová
Telephone: +420 739 484 239
Email: eva.zikmundova (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz">eva.zikmundova (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz

Division Plumlov
Forestry educator: Jiří Fusek
Telephone: + 420 737 226 540
Email: jiri.fusek (zavináč) vls (tečka) cz